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24th October 2020 

I have been a registered nurse for 30 plus years, working in a variety of settings for acute hospital work to nursing homes an hospice work. My journey towards Health Kinesiology came about by my questioning and research. I wanted to know more.

Don't you feel sometimes that you are just a cog on a wheel going round and round like a hamster in his cage - work, eat, sleep then start again? This was my motive to go on a journey. I undertook a counselling diploma, learning more about myself and others, how and why we react in our environment and how our fears and anxieties get in the way of our future plans and development. The most important insight here was how early childhood upbringing and conditioning can have a huge impact on our adult happiness. Emotional pain, anger, grief, sadness and fears in our early years become locked into our deep subconcious, even though we may think we have forgotten or let go of these places. I delved into books on alternative therapies that might offer hope to healing these emotional scars, and this is where I came across Health Kinesiology, the therapy that listens to your inner being by muscle testing. Yes. It is that simple.

Sadly, you won't hear about Health Kinesiology, or energy healing in the mainstream media. Even scrolling through the internet in search of these therapies is getting more difficult. But we have to bear in mind that therapies like acupuncture have been around in the east for thousands of years. Why does the medical profession in the West not want to integrate these therapies into our National Health Service? Because they want 'evidenced based research' and insist that there isn't enough research on these therapies. But who is going to fund the research? Not the drug companies. Not the NHS. Not the government. Because they are all too tied up with our present medical model, -surgery or pills.

The NHS is in crisis. We have to look into new ways of working. Alternative therapies work with the whole person, looking at our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical needs. This has to be the way forward. We are more than just a body. We are much more complicated than that.

I ask you dear people taking the time to read my website to please do your own reading and research. Don't believe all you hear. It's now time to wake the world up, starting with me and you. Lets make a better world.