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10th July 2020 
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HealthKinesiology in Mansfield

Hello. Welcome to my website, inviting you to open up your world with Health Kinesiology, the amazing therapy that is able to tap into your bodys inner wisdom, allowing you to find your way back to peace, joy and renewed energy.

Are you feeling sad, hurt, lost, afraid?
Do you feel drained, tired and burdened by too many problems?
Have you lost your way? Do you lack the courage to change your direction or try something new?
When you are tense, anxious or stressed in any way, you are not in harmony with your true self. Your body is wise. Your body knows the way forward for you. Your body knows what what is blocking your way and the steps you need to get back on track.

Eastern tradition and culture believes we are all connected to the universal energy field. This universal field is sometimes known as Chi or our life force. This universal energy is life itself and flows through our very being, feeding, restoring and nourishing. Even though we are all connected, we all have our unique energy field. We call this energy our bio-energy.
When we are unwell, unhappy, or stressed in any way, our bio-energy can be disturbed or even blocked. By a simple muscle testing technique Health Kinesiology is able to find where our bio-energy is depleted. Corrrections are then carried out to re-tune and restore your natural bio-energy flow. When our bio-energy is flowing as it should, we feel more energised and at ease with ourselves. We are more focused and uplifted.

Health Kinesiology can help you with any issue that is limiting or distressing you in anyway as your worries and concerns will also affect your bio-energy.
Health kinesiology can help with
Your fears and anxieties
Obsessions and addictions
Grief and bereavement
Past trauma and emotional pain
Boosting self confidence and self esteem
Recovery from recent surgery or illness
Achieving your goals and dreams and moving forward.

Remember, when your natural energy is balanced and flowing, this encourages our body to self heal and maintain well being. Health Kinesiology retunes you!

Before starting a HK treatment, I ask you a little about your history and what your concerns are, and this also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have before we proceed.
A treatment usually involves lying on a couch, fully clothed. If lying down is uncomfortable for you, you can sit up if you choose. I usually test your muscle response using a muscle in your arm. This makes the session comfortable and relaxing for you. A session lasts approximately an hour.
You may benefit from several sessions if you have a particular concern you would like to address. This can be discussed before the session.

I work from home in Mansfield, a town in the county of Nottinghamshire. I am also easily accessible to Chesterfield, as my premises are near Pleasley, just off the A38.
If you have difficulty coming to me because of illness, disability or other restriction, arrangements may be made for me to visit you. Please get in touch with me so we can discuss your needs.

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